Yokebe Active Food

Yokebe Active Food is a special combination of high-quality proteins, honey and all your essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients. A highly nutritious all in one weight loss shake* with naturally sourced ingredients**. Our unique blend of nutrients help to support you to drop pounds while maintaining your body’s balance.

Yokebe is a weight loss shake with naturally sourced ingredients:**

*Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss. Make sure you drink enough liquid (2L a day).
**Protein and honey natural at source.
  • No artificial flavours or preservatives
  • No artificial sweeteners

Yokebe’s Chocolate & Strawberry

Try shaking things up with our two flavours Yokebe Chocolate and Yokebe Strawberry, they are as delicious and as effective as our Natural Honey flavour.


We asked dietitian Laura Clark, who you may know from ITV1 series The Biggest Loser, why meal replacement plans can be a great option for some people.


“Meal replacement plans have fallen off our radar in recent years, but the reality is they are a great option for many people who want to lose weight.”

“As well as providing balance and portion-control to your mealtime routine, they give you an opportunity to regulate eating patterns and help take the pressure off food selection.”

“It’s really refreshing to see a diet product taking protein seriously,” she advises. “It’s a great nutrient to have in your corner  because it helps your body maintain muscle mass, which protects your metabolic rate. If you meet your protein needs when you’re cutting calories, the body utilises fat for energy instead, which is the right kind of weight loss to achieve.

The Yokebe triple effect

Yokebe’s unique blend of nutrients ensures the Yokebe Triple Effect that supports weight loss while maintaining the body’s balance, ensuring the body does not miss out on necessary nutritional requirements  

Hypocaloric Effect

Most diets require cutting down on calories but this can sometimes mean a lack of important nutrients which makes the body expend less energy and can reduce weight loss. Losing weight with Yokebe is different: Yokebe has a unique nutrient density containing all your essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients, and can leave the individual feeling full so the body sources the energy it needs from its fat reserves.


Metabolism Activation Effect

B-vitamins are vital to support normal energy, protein & glycogen metabolism and maintaining the energy production from your food whilst supporting weight loss.


Anti-Fat Effect

Yokebe assists in losing weight in a healthy and sustainable manner, using high-quality proteins to help maintain muscle mass. The body then sources the energy it needs from body fat, supporting weight loss.

What is in a Yokebe shake?

High Quality Proteins

The high-quality soy and whey proteins in Yokebe play a significant role: The high-quality proteins support muscle mass.

Carefully selected vitamins & minerals

The B5 and B12 vitamins in Yokebe promote normal energy metabolism, and vitamin B6 promotes normal protein and glycogen metabolism.

Natural honey

The untreated natural honey is a healthy alternative and naturally contains enzymes. Last but not least, it provides natural flavouring and giving the natural Yokebe taste.

What we guarantee is NOT in Yokebe

No artificial flavours or flavour enhancers.

  • Energy

    273 kcal
  • Protein

  • Vitamin B5

    2.7 mg
  • Vitamin B6

    1.4 mg
  • Vitamin B12

    3.3 µg

Per serving

50 g in 200 ml skimmed milk (1.5 % fat)
+ 1,5 g sunflower oil

energy value

1152 kJ

273 kcal


5.2 g

- of which saturated fatty acids

2.3 g

- of which mono unsaturated fatty acids

1.2 g

- of which poly unsaturated fatty acids

1.1 g


24.3 g

- of which sugar

16.8 g


0.1 g


32.1 g


1.0 g



9.6 g


3.0 g

linoleic acid

1.1 g




Per serving
50 g in 200 ml skimmed milk (1.5 % fat)
+ 1,5 g sunflower oil
 vitamin A236 µg29.5
 vitamin D1.6 µg32
 vitamin E4 mg33.3
 vitamin C53.4 mg66.8
 vitamin B10.4 mg36.4
 vitamin B20.8 mg57.1
 niacin6.9 mg43.1
 vitamin B61.4 mg100
 folic acid104.8 µg52.4
 vitamin B123.3 µg132
 biotin68.5 µg137
 pantothenic acid2.7 mg45
 calcium484 mg60.5
 phosphor507 mg72.4
 potassium588 mg29.4
 zinc3.3 mg33
 copper0.6 mg60
 iodine56.1 µg37.4
 selenium18.6 µg33.8
 magnesium45.5 mg12.1
 manganese0.5 mg25
 sodium405 mg 

How to prepare your Yokebe Classic shake

Add low-fat milk

Pour 200ml of low-fat milk (1.5%) into the shaker.

Add 50g Yokebe

Mix the milk with 50g of Yokebe (5 heaped measuring spoons or 5 heaped tablespoons).

Add vegetable oil

Add ½ teaspoon (1.5g) vegetable oil with a high level of unsaturated fatty acids (sunflower, safflower or grape seed oil). This helps you to absorb fat soluble vits.

Shake it

Shake the ingredients for about 10 seconds.

How to prepare your Yokebe Strawberry or Chocolate shake


Add low-fat milk

Pour 250ml of low-fat milk (1.5%) into the shaker.

Add 50g Yokebe

Mix the milk with 50g of Yokebe (5 heaped measuring spoons or 5 heaped tablespoons).

Shake it

Shake the ingredients for about 10 seconds.

Feel like experimenting? Why not try one of our tasty shake variations?


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